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Grand Palais

Collaboration with Luc Gobyn and Ravi Vaid


Grand Palais

HD video (16:9, variable duration, sound, color & B&W), film projector, projector screen, mixer, speakers, 2 laptops, sequencers, analogue synthesizers, acoustic instruments, cables, microphones.

Grand Palais deuxmilledix is an experimental film exploring the relationship between architecture and movement. The audiovisual production takes the viewer into the contours of the metal structure of the Grand Palais during the 2012 Fencing World Championship in Paris. 


Grand Palais offers the audience a ʻone-offʼ cinema experience whereby the sound track to the film is improvised live.  Much like a fencing dual, the live performance consists of an interplay between two perfromers postioned each side of the image.


Exploring the intersection between film, performance and improvisation, Grand Palais investigates how film and image can be reinterpreted through the use of sound.


The first live screening (a collaboration with filmmaker Luc Gobyn and Swiss Electronic Composer, Ravi Vaid) was held at the Edmond Michelet Auditorium, Paris, in 2011. A follow up scheduled live performance was held at OFFoff Art Cinema, Ghent, Belgium. 

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