A chance meeting in Portugal, 2014, led to Luismi Garcia to invite visual artist, Luc Gobyn and sound artist, Luke Aaron Clark to Coria Del Río and Puebla de Río in the south of Seville, Spain. It was here the artists were given a rare insight into the world of bullfighting from the perspective of an aspiring matador (Luismí Garcia) a professional matador (Joselito Villalba), and a Novillero (Salvador Fuentes).


The result was a film, directed by Luc Gobyn and Luke Aaron Clark, and an accompanying soundtrack, created in collaboration with local singers in Cora Del Rio, including Cynthia Lledo Muñoz and Rocio Lledo Muñoz and Spanish Guitarist, Andrian Avellón Ferreira.


This exhibition curated by Luc Gobyn and Luke Aaron Clark centers on some of the themes brought to light by the film, specifically focusing on the curious psychology that a matador ventures upon each day, exploring mortality, the art of movement and physicality, an intimate relationship with fear, and the ultimate irony, to kill an animal that you love and strive to know better than yourself.


Each artist will be responding to the ZSenne art lab; a new space in the heart of Brussels for artistic communication, research, performance and presentation. 


Sandra Gill (PT) works with light, Luc Gobyn (B) works with projections & film, Luke Aaron Clark (GB) works with sound, Alexandre Caldara (CH) & Catherine Dethy (B) work with dance & text, Luismi Garcia (ES) works with text.




An Exhibition focused on the film, Romanticos de Las Marismas 

Performance / Installation / Projection(s)

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