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Flow Studios

Residential recording studio located in the Loire Valley, France

Flow Studios was created to offer an inspirational residential setting in which to create and record music.

To build Flow Studios, composer and sound artist, Luke Aaron Clark, undertook a three-year meticulous studio construction under the design and guidance of acoustician, John Brandt. Located in a truly unique setting with boutique style accommodation, the state-of the-art recording studio combines beautiful tracking and mixing spaces with world-class equipment.

Luke is passionate about helping artists to realise their creative vision. His ethos is that a good recording begins from the moment an artist walks through the doors of their chosen recording studio. Having travelled extensively across the world, participating in multiple artist and composer residencies, Luke knows first-hand that how an artist feels about the environment and space they record in, plays a significant role at inspiring creativity, improving workflow and refocusing energy.

His vision now, is to provide an inspired, professional and productive environment, where artists can maintain artistic integrity, whilst producing music worthy of critical and commercial success. Whether artists are escaping the frenzy of a large city or the distractions of a busy lifestyle, this outstanding commercial residential recording facility offers artists the ability to wake up and get straight to work.

Flow Studios is a residential recording studio situated on the edge of a forest in stunning rural surroundings bordering Normandy, Brittany and the Loire Valley. It has been designed to provide an exceptional experience for artists, producers and sound engineers wishing to escape their daily distractions and focus solely on making music.

About the recording studio:

  • 120m² climate controlled studio designed by acoustician John Brandt benefits from a dedicated hearback system.

  • 96 patchable audio lines, a growing list of instruments and equipment maintained to the highest standard, a wide choice of high-end microphones.

  • The control room features a 32 channel SSL ORIGIN analogue desk complemented by ATC SCM110 monitoring.

  • The double height live room features a unique oval ceiling diffuser and is particularly suitable for group recordings.

  • Large and small dedicated isolation booths have a view into the main live room.

  • The piano room has been designed to house a fully restored 1904 Bechstein C Grand Piano.

About the residences:

  • 200m² of residential facilities including 36m² open plan kitchen and chic lounge area, air conditioning, underfloor heating and free wifi.

  • The valley view residence on the 1st floor level, with 2 guest rooms, accommodates up to 5-6 people.

  • The forest view residence on the 2nd floor level, with 2 guest rooms, a kitchen and a writing space, accommodates up to 5-6 people. 

  • The guest rooms offer the possibility of having a twin or queen-size bed as needed. Equipment and instruments are available.

  • Laundry facilities, bathrooms with Italian showers in each apartment, Egyptian cotton bedding.

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