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About Luke A. Clark

UK singer-songwriter, composer, sound artist, recording engineer and founder of the residential recording studio Flow Studios, Luke Aaron Clark is first and foremost a great sound enthusiast. 

A musician from an early age, Luke formed his first band as a teenager. After studying song writing and music business at BIMM Institute in Brighton, he participated in composer and artist residency programmes and began collaborating on a number of creative projects as a singer-songwriter, composer and sound artist. His talent, determination and hard work have enabled him to work alongside many artists, poets and musicians, to compose for film scores and to create exhibitions and sound performances around the world.

In 2011, Luke took to the new challenge of writing an indie folk EP. He turned to the artist and producer Wes King to surround himself with world-renowned and Grammy Award-nominated musicians. Paper Tongue has been carefully crafted and intimately recorded in Nashville, USA, combining honesty, fragility and addictive melodies with fantastical tales and anecdotes.

Over the years, Luke developed a passion for acoustics and the relationship between architecture and sound, our natural environment and everyday human interaction within these settings. He explored these themes through live performances, sound design, public interventions, architectural installations and film.

In a few years, the artist created numerous works and exhibitions all over the world such as Progeny (Florida USA, 2012-2015), Tap (Medellin, Colombia, South America, 2012), Bicycle Postcards (Gent, Belgium, 2010-2012), Spinning (Stockholm, Sweden, 2015), Conductor Conducting Conductors (Artkommunalka, Kolomna, Russia, 2016). He has also collaborated with Belgian filmmaker Luc Gobyn as a composer on a number of occasions, notably on the experimental films Grand Palais deuxmilledix and Romanticos de Las Marismas.


After spending a lot of time on the road, Luke decided to embark on a new major project using his experience as an artist; building an inspiring residential recording studio in Chailland, Loire Valley, France. To create Flow Studios, he undertook a three-year meticulous construction under the design and guidance of the acoustician John Brandt.

Located an hour and a half by train from Paris, this state-of-the-art studio combines beautiful recording and mixing spaces with world-class equipment and over 150m² of residential facilities. This project has allowed Luke to work as a sound engineer for many artists, such as Crystal Murray (Because Music), Lujipeka (Universal Music), Clou (Tôt ou tard) or Malena Zavala and Christof van der Ven.

In 2023, Luke Aaron Clark is back to composing and writing songs from his corner of paradise nestled in the heart of nature. He experiments with sounds and mixes influences, from the Beach Boys and Bob Dylan to James Blake and RY X, and prepares new material while running Flow Studios.

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