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Conductor / Conducted

Collaboration with Jonas Hummel



Ivry-Sur-Seine, Le Charbon, Paris, France, 2011


2 laptops, 2 radios, radio devices, FM transmitter, piano, acoustic percussion, music box, microphone.

Still from Performance: Ivry-Sur-Seine, Au Charbon, Paris, 2011. 

Conductor/Conducted is a sound installation and live performance commenting on how original sources of sound and information can be altered, distorted, expanded upon and renegotiated.


The process intercepts, manipulates and divulges music, voice and sound sourced from original radio frequencies.

Frequencies from radio No. 1 are recorded live and manipulated via a laptop sequencer. Additional recorded instruments are recorded and added simultaneously (including music boxes, acoustic instruments and radio devices that are modified in their circuits and rhythm-controlled by a computer).


The resulting audio signal is sent to an FM broadcast transmitter. Radio No. 2 is wirelessly tuned-in to the FM transmitterʼs frequency. The final result is the manipulated audio being broadcast live via Radio No 2. The performance can also be heard on the advertised radio frequency.

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