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Collaboration with Bryce Hammond



480 4 x 8 ft wood planks, 320 acoustic tiles, 36 directional speakers, 48 microphones, 9 speaker amplifiers, 2 mixing consoles, 2000ft cabling, laptop, sequencer.

Progeny is an architectural sound installation exploring a microcosm of human community through interaction inside an architectural space similar to a beehive. The artists’ have figuratively become beekeepers. Like the Langstroth beehive this hive-based installation is man-made.

The structure is disassembled, transported on a flatbed truck to another temporary location where it is reassembled.  The immersive installation measures 24 X 24 X9 ft. There are ten partitions covered in acoustic panelling with 48 microphones and 36 speakers that transmit every single sound originated in the space. Through public interaction and performance, each exhibition provides an opportunity for a new community to evolve, learn, adapt and interact. 

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