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Key to a Laptop



Atlantic Centre for the Arts, Ruth Scorgie Hubbard Studio, Florida, USA, 2010

Key to a Laptop

Variable number of operators from numerous professions, 1 laptop per operator, recording equipment, projector, screen.

Score and Still from Performance: Ruth Scorgie Hubbard Studio, Florida, 2010 (8 composers, 8 writers, 8 visual artists).


Key To A Laptop is a 1-minute sound installation and performance documenting the process of formulating, constructing and producing work. Operators are invited to simultaneously speak and type a stream of consciousness or a text of their choosing. Involving a variable number of operators, the laptops themselves become an instrument in which to both create and perform.


A score from the performance, using the recorded sounds of the operators at work, is created in tandem with the performance and presented live in waveform via a projector. Extracts from the score are also exhibited as a series of prints following each performance.

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