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Running of the Bulls

Collaboration with Luc Gobyn & Alexandre Calder


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Documentation of Performance


Sala Cultural Alfonso de la Torre Theatre, Cuéllar, Spain, June 2012

Running of the Bulls

HD video (16:9, variable duration, sound, color & B&W), film projector, projector screen, mixer, speakers, laptops, analogue synthesizers, mobile studio.

Running of the Bulls is a multimedia exhibition including a 5-screen film installation, sound interventions and performance. The project is an collaboration with Belgian Artist, Luc Gobyn, Alexandre Calder and the Cultural Department of Cuéllar, Spain. 


Through music, film and performance, this on-going project focuses on the people of Cuéllar, the Festival Of Nuestra Señora Del Rosario and the Running of the Bulls, where a procession of bulls are herded 7km by people on foot and by over 300 people on horseback through forests, countryside and eventually into Cuéllar town. The work highlights the important place Cuéllar holds in Spanish history, which hosts the oldest encierro in the world dating back to 1215 AD. 


As part of their research and documentation, the artsits were invited by the Cultural Department of Cuéllar, to follow the procession of the Bulls by car. They used footage captured from this journey, film docuemented by Belguim Artsit, Luc Gobyn, over a period of 5 years, and music recorded on-site, to deliver a multimedia performance in the towns’ Theatre, at the Sala Cultural 'Alfonsa de Torres' during the 2012 festival. The music was recorded in collaboration with local musicians, tradition flute duo, Hermanos Ramos, Spanish Guitarist, Adrian Avellion, llocal Orchestra, Banda Municiple Musica de Cuéllar, and Spanish folk dance group, "Sevillanas, Agrupacion de Danza "Villa de Cuéllar".

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